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Study Areas

* Bible Study Outlines - Weekly Lessons

These are full sets of weekly outlines for Bible Studies I've taught. The style is expository, but at a brisk pace.

Some are just a few weeks long, while others are almost a year's worth. These are light-weight outlines, but are effective highlights for the passages/topics covered. Some I just used myself, but most were also used as class handouts. Also included are the handouts used with the lessons.

* Bible History and English Versions

This is the result of 4 years of personal research into all aspects of the History of the Bible itself - original writings, ancient manuscripts, English translations. The study concludes by going into comparative evaluations of the different English versions from the King James Version to modern versions.

* Articles and Notes

These are individual articles which I've written from time to time on various biblical topics

* Children's Plays

I've written and produced two children's productions. Both of these plays are quite adaptible to most church groups, and both are learning plays for the kids.

* Online Resources (Link List)

This is my personal short-list of online resources, including a selection of free Bible software which I have enjoyed, and will be providing reviews for.