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Conservative Theology

For Ezra had prepared his heart to SEEK the Law of the Lord, and to DO it, and to TEACH in Israel statutes and judgements.

- Ezra 7:10, KJV

The Short List of Conservative Systematic Theology Books

  • Systemataic Theology (8 vol) - by Lewis Sperry Chafer, Founding president of Dallas Theological Seminary, organized in 8 volumes, published in 4 books. This is the Gold Standard.
    (Available from https://www.christianbook.com/ for $199.99 as of Aug-2022)

  • Major Bible Themes (1 vol) - by Chafer, revised by Walvoord; A single volume representation of the 8-volume set above. Walvoord also presided over Dallas Theological Seminary.
    (Available from https://www.christianbook.com/ for $21.99 as of Aug-2022)

  • Lectures in Systematic Theology (1 vol) - by Henry C. Thiessen. This has been my favorate 'alternate source' while taking theology courses using Chafer as the textbooks. Thiessen also taught at Dallas (and Wheaton).
    (Available from https://www.christianbook.com/ for $28.79 as of Aug-2022)

  • Israelology (1 vol) - by Arnold Fruchtenbaum, emphasises the aspects of Israel across several areas of systematic theology.
    (Available from https://www.ariel.org/ for $29.00 as of Aug-2022)

The Fundamentals

The term, 'fundamentalism,' has become archaic and is now rarely used. What most Conservative Protestant, evangelical Christians believe, however, usually agrees with what we call "The Fundamentals," a name taken from a 4-volume set of books published in 1917, called "The Fundamentals," edited by R.A. Torrey.

    "It is generally understood that the fundamentals of the Christian faith include the inspiration and thus the divine authority of the Bible; the deity, virgin birth, blood atonement, bodily resurrection, personal second coming of Christ; the fallen, lost condition of all mankind, salvation by repentance and faith, grace without works; eternal doom in Hell of the unconverted and eternal blessedness of the saved in Heaven."

    - John R. Rice, "I Am a Fundamentalist"

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