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Children's Productions

* Bring Your Swords to Recess - A Musical Production for children, by Dan Stanfield.

For 3rd - 6th Graders: This is a learning play. The purpose of the play is for the children to learn all the books of the Bible, two memory verses (theirs and their "understudy"), and several songs. The play also demonstrates the principle of applying Scripture in daily life.

This is a great Summer/July 4th play and runs about 15 minutes. One adult or teen is the "instructor", there are 7 parts, and the play easily supports more kids.

* The Mystery at the Nativity - A Christmas Production with puppets for children and youth.
 Written by Dan Stanfield and Christine Christy.

We wanted a Christmas play which:

  • Involved all age groups - toddler thru high school
  • That used puppets
  • That used classical Christmas music
  • Had audience participation
  • And gave the audience something to think about

You know, we made it happen! This is a really fun play, for both the kids and the audience! The "Mystery" solved is the conflict between Jesus as King and Jesus as the Lamb of God.

  • This play calls for several puppets and a puppet stage.
  • Toddlers and K-2 children are brought in to sing-a-long with the puppet Christmas story.
  • Angels (2-3) are older children or adults which lead the singing (one also announces to Shepherds).
  • There are 10 parts for the older children, which can be a mix from 3rd graders up to teens. Some of these can be angels, some will be the puppeteers, some can join the group from the sides after the puppet show.
  • One adult or teen is the Narrator.
  • Play will run about 30 minutes.