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Online Resources

Schools and Organizations of Personal Interest

  • Northwest Bible Church - My church, pastor Dr. Dan Pinto

  • Tyndale Theological Seminary - My Bible school - Independant, Conservative, Premillenial, with a Biblical Language and Natural Interpretation emphasis.

  • Scofield Prophecy Studies - Website of Scofield Ministries, Founded by Dr. Mal Couch. Site offers books, audio lectures, etc.

  • Ariel Ministries - by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Expert on Old Testament and doctrines concerning Israel. Site is a great source for downloads and free resouces as well as selling books. Ariel Ministries is dedicated to evangalistic ministry focused on the Jewish people.

Online Bible-Reference Resources

  • Bible Gateway - Free Online Bible Server, 62 English versions as of 7/2022. Paid subsciption is now required for additional reference tools, but the free service is unhindered and is very useful all by itself.

  • BlueLetterBible.org - Free Online Bible Server, 16 English versions as of 7/2022 (but the main ones). Includes real-time access to context-based Bible references.

  • Free Online NET Bible with all 60,000+ Translation notes, provided by NET Bible.org. Other free versions of the NET Bible (like the sites above) do not include these translation notes.

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Very good collection of important reference works, commentaries, etc., free for download.

Bible Software

  • Expensive Bible Software

    • Logos is ideal for professionals and individuals studying in the original languages.

    Be prepared to invest $1k or more, and I HIGHLY recommend consulting with Logos before selecting a package, as they have an extensive matrix of what is and is not included. I do not own Logos, but many of my friends do.

  • Free Bible Software

  • I've used both of these free programs to great benefit. Both include Bible versions, commentaries, maps, language helps, and reference libraries.

    Additional DL content is typically free, with a lot of content available. By "a lot" I mean an impressive amount of out-of-copyright, public domain, and other free-use content, including writings of the 'Church Fathers', Josephus, Edersheim, Calvin, Wesley, and many others. Some add-on content is not free. For example, both programs provide the KJV and ESV for free, but the NKJV and NASB versions must be purchased.

    As far as choosing between these two, the products are very similar. The differences are more about personal preference and usage than anything else, but to me, e-Sword seems to be more useful and to have more download options, whereas theWord seems to provide a slightly cleaner, more intuative interface. I keep both installed, as their free download offerings vary.

Bible Book Stores

I have bought a lot of books! Many of them have come from Amazon, but a lot of Bibles and Christian references can have much better availability, and potentially lower prices, at one of these stores: