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Weekly Bible Study Outlines

These are my actual outlines / handouts used for these studies, but they are just outlines, they are not "ready-to-use" lesson plans. They can be very useful for self-study, and could be useful as a general resource for Bible study leaders. Oulines for the Current Online Bible Study are [Here].


 * Old Testament

 * New Testament

 * Topical Studies

 * Children's Lessons

Old Testament


New Testament


Topical Studies


Children's Lessons

Note 1: For my classroom, I utilized a 10 ft paper banner which depicted an orderly progression of the events of the Old and New Testament, drawn appropriately for the K-2 age group. I think it was valuable for the children to see this throughout the year, and strongly encourage the practice.

Note 2: These outlines were not used as handouts, just my own notes - some have a pretty rough format. Most noteably is the extensive review section at the beginning of each lesson. For the children, I would review about 10 minutes, and follow with the lesson for about 20 minutes.