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Weekly Lessons

Life of Christ - for Children

From the Book of Matthew

Zip of all documents - Children-LifeofChrist.zip

Note: Each outline begins with review notes from the previous week, also, unidentified chapter references are from the Book of Matthew.

Viewable PDF files:

  1. Preexistent Eternal State

  2. Prophecies about Christ

  3. Preincarnations of Christ

  4. The Birth of Christ

  5. The Baptism of Christ

  6. Jesus Calls the 12 Disciples

  7. The Sermon on the Mount

  8. Jesus Preaching and Healing

  9. Jesus' Parables

  10. Feeding 5,000 & Walking on Water

  11. Feeding 4,000

  12. Peter's Confession

  13. The Transfiguration

  14. Elijah & John the Baptist

  15. Forgiveness

  16. Laborers, James & John's Mom

  17. Triumphal Entry

  18. Parable of the Landowner

  19. The Great Commandment

  20. Tribulation and Rapture

  21. The Sacrifice of Christ

  22. The Resurrection of Christ

(C) Copyright 2002-2005 Daniel Stanfield. These lessons may be distributed freely, but may not be sold or modified.