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Notes on Divine Revelation

The Only Source for Theology

    I. The General Revelation of God

      A. Key verses for General Revelation - Romans 1:18-23 (19-21)

      B. General Revelation reveals God to mankind, but is insufficient to reveal the gospel of salvation.

    II. The Special Revelations of God

      A. By the Voice of God - To Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, OT prophets, NT witnesses of Jesus’ baptism and transfiguration

      B. By Dreams and Visions - Examples of dreams abound in the lives of Joseph and Daniel, other instances include Jacob and the Midianite soldier which Gideon overheard. Visons are described by several prophets as God instructs them in the message they are to give, examples include Ezekiel and John.

      C. By Gods' prophets - “…thus saith the Lord…” To both Israel and Judah, and to other nations (Assyria, Babylon, Egypt)

      D. By Jesus Christ, with the authority of God – John 8:12-30 (26)

        1. As recorded in the Gospels

        2. As given to His disciples during His life.

      E. By the Apostles of Jesus Christ, as Jesus gave authority

        1. Commission with authority – Luke 6:12-16

        2. Command to go - Matthew 28:18-20

      F. By Divinely Inspired Scripture, with the authority of God

        1. Derived from the Special Revelations listed above

        2. Supported by the ministries of the Holy Spirit listed below

        3. The direct source for all conservative Christian theology.

      G. By the Ministries of the Holy Spirit

        1. Illumination of Scripture, aiding the individual believer personal understanding and application of Scripture

        2. Testifying the truth of Scripture, so that we “automatically recognize” the truth of Scripture when we read it or hear it.

        3. Conviction of sinners for repentance, bringing the lost to salvation.

        4. Guiding believers in ascertaining the will of God in daily life

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