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Weekly Lessons

Life of Jesus Christ

There are 33 numbered lessons, but Week 26 (Luke 7:1-10) has no outline. The study is primarily from Luke, with some portions from Matthew. The study moves steadily through 31 weeks of content (see below), and then skips to the death and resurrection.

Zip of all documents - Adult-LifeofChrist.zip

Viewable PDF files:

  1. Preexistance of Christ

  2. Prophecies of the Redeemer

  3. Prophecies of the Messiah

  4. Introduction to Luke

  5. Birth of Christ (uses handout)

  6. Birth of Christ (cont.)

  7. The Wise Men

  8. John the Baptist

  9. Baptism of Christ

  10. Jesus and Nicodemus

  11. Nicodemus (cont)

  12. Early Ministry

  13. Samaritan Woman at the Well

  14. Jesus and the Sabbath

  15. Sermon on the Mount

  16. Sermon on the Mount 5:17-26

  17. Sermon on the Mount 5:27-32

  18. Sermon on the Mount 5:33-48

  19. Sermon on the Mount 5:42-48

  20. Sermon on the Mount 6:1-8

  21. Sermon on the Mount 6:9-15

  22. Sermon on the Mount 6:19-34

  23. Sermon on the Mount 7:1-14

  24. Sermon on the Mount 7:15-29

  25. Sermon on the Mount 7:24-29

  26. Substitute covered Luke 7:1-10 (no outline)

  27. Ministry of Christ Luke 7:11-23

  28. Ministry of Christ Luke 7:24-50

  29. Parable of the Sower (uses handout)

  30. Parables of the Tares, Mustard Seed

  31. Parables Matthew 13:33-52

  32. Skip to Crucifixion and Resurrection (uses handout)

  33. The Resurrection

(C) Copyright 2011-2012 Daniel Stanfield. These lessons may be distributed freely, but may not be sold or modified.