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Bring Your Swords to Recess

A Musical Production for Children

by Daniel Stanfield

This is a 15 min. play for one teen or adult and at least seven children, 3rd-6th grade. It is a good play to learn beginning after Easter, to be performed around July 4th. It works best if children this age use their own names in the play. Children should wear normal clothing, but should be encouraged to wear any "military-looking" attire they would like.

Positive incentives for the play should be that all children who are in the actual play get to keep their verse sword, and awards, like cookies, for loudest singer(s). Also, children enjoy the marching and the sword drills, so these should be practiced to break the routine of learning the verses, parts, and songs.

The only props for this play are the plastic swords marked with verse references in very large print, enough chairs for the "class", and some sort of sign labeled "(name of church) Military Academy". The play should revolve around a single mic, front, center.

This is a learning play. The purpose of the play is for the children to learn all the books of the Bible, two memory verses (theirs and their "understudy"), and several songs. The play also demonstrates the principal of applying Scripture in daily life.

Main Cast:        (Change so children use there own names)

Commander - Adult/Teen - leads all marching, drills, singing.
Chris (larger, older boy) - Main character, continuous acting
Gary (smaller boy), James, Larry
Christine - Solo
Crystal, Sarah - Duets

Extras - Other children can simply join in the marching & singing, or play can be adapted.

An empty classroom at "(Name of church) Military Academy"

Commander and children (except Chris): (Commander marches in children, single file, singing chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers". All are dressed normally, but are wearing swords. )

Commander: Class Halt! , Left -Face! , Present -Arms! , Left Shoulder -Arms!, Right Shoulder-Arms!, Sheath -Arms, Ready -Sound off! (Children should be able to do their sword drills together, in a snap & pop style, this is part of the fun of this play!)

All: (Sing first verse & chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers".)

Commander: Class -Fall Out! Take your seats, children. (Children are seated) (Chairs are in single file, if two rows are used, stagger the chairs so that all children can be seen by audience.)

Commander: All right Class, first thing we're going to do today is review the books of the Old testament: Give me the 5 books of Moses... (Commander proceeds through the Historic, Poetic, Major Prophets, and 3 sets of Minor Prophets with class answering in unison).

Commander: (Looks at watch) If you children will excuse me, I need to go to the office for a moment. (goes offstage, comes back with Chris, who is not wearing a sword)

Commander: Children, please welcome Chris, he has been added to our class this morning.

Children in unison: Welcome to class, Chris.

Commander: Please take a chair. (Chris sits down, Commander checks watch) Well It's time for recess already, but after recess we'll have a test on the books of the New Testament.

James and Christine: James immediately turns head around to look at Christine who simultaneously gasps loudly and then covers face with both hands.

Commander: You have 40 minutes for recess, should you need me I'll be in the teacher's lounge. (Commander walks out and off stage, children walk out into forward stage area and break into groups.)

Christine: (Mopes up to microphones, up walk Sarah and Crystal.)

Crystal: What's wrong, Christine? (Christine, face down, turns away)

Sarah: I bet I know, it's the New Testament books, isn't it Christine?

Christine: (turns back and looks up) I can't help it, I just keep getting them in the wrong order no matter how hard I try. I'm gonna get an F! (Starts crying)

Crystal: Don't worry Christine, we can help! This is how we remember them:

Crystal & Sarah: (Sing the New Testament song) (Other children wander up)

Sarah: Try it with us!

Crystal, Sarah, & Christine and other children: (Sing the New Testament song)

Christine: Let me see if I got it! (Sings solo New Testament song as Other children fade back, Chris walks up)

Chris: I can't believe you girls are so messed up about Bible books. It's just another stupid test, I couldn't believe y'all had to say the Old Testament Books! Don't they know that the Bible is just a useless old book written by a bunch of dead people?

Sarah (Indignant): (Draws her sword, printed with "Hebrews 4:12a" on the side, as Chris jumps back, she points it at his chest) "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword."

Chris (Shocked): Whoa! Where'd you get the sword?!

Sarah (Smug): I memorized it. (Sheaths sword, turns & walks. Before Chris can move Crystal and Christine have swords pointed at his chest, Chris stands stunned and speechless.)

Crystal: (Sword is marked "Matthew 24:35") "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Sheaths sword, turns & walks)

Christine: (Sword is marked "Luke 11:28b") "Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it." (Sheaths sword, turns & walks)

Chris: (Fades back, eyeing the girls with suspicion.)

Gary: (Wanders up, flipping a quarter)

Chris: (Walks up to Gary) Hey, got a quarter I can borrow? It looks like you got some extra, how 'bout spreading it around? (Comes up close)

Gary: (Quickly pockets quarter) I can't give it to you, that's part of my lunch money!

Chris: Well maybe I need More lunch money, cause I Eat more, cause I'm BIGGER!

Gary: (Jumps back, draws sword, printed with "Exodus 20:15", and points it at Chris's chest) "Thou shalt not steal."

Chris (Shocked): Man! Nobody knows how to take a joke! (pause) Where'd you get that sword?

Gary: I memorized it. (slowly resheaths sword)

Chris & Gary: (exit separate directions)

James & Larry: (Walk up to the front, talking to each other)

James: So, you going to play Ultimate Ninja with me at the arcade after school today?

Chris: (Wanders up listening)

Larry: No, sorry, my folks don't let me any more, besides I don't have any more money.

James: Tell you what, I've got enough money for both of us, if we just play a game or two your folks will never even know.

Larry: I'm sorry, James, I can't.

James: (Getting mad) Why Not?!

Larry: (Jumps back, draws sword, printed with "Ephesians 6:1" , and points it at James's chest) "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right."

James: I'm sorry, Larry.

Chris (in disbelief): I don't believe it! What's the deal? Sounds to me like Larry's just a big chicken.

James: No, Chris, Larry's right, and its not really about whether or not we could fool his parents, Is it Larry?

Larry: Chris, Living a Christian life means we have to do what's right in God's eyes. Listen...(yells then waves everyone over) Hey Guys!

Music: Start "Do Right"

All (Chris joins after 1st chorus): (Sing "Do Right" or similarly themed song)

Chris: Wow!, With you guys around it ought to be a lot easier to live for God. I still don't understand one thing though, Where's everybody getting these swords?

All but Chris: (Look at each other & giggle for a few seconds, then, in unison:) We Memorized Them! (common laughter for a moment)

Larry: Don't you have a sword? (Chris shakes his head and holds out his empty arms) Don't you know any memory verses?

Chris: Well I can only think of one, and after today, its kind of embarrassing...

Larry: Tell Me. (Gestures to his ear, Chris leans over and whispers something) I think that'd be a Great verse!, Go ahead! (points up to front stage)

Chris: (Faces audience and announces) "Proverbs 18:24 - A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

(Floor coach tosses in a sword marked with "Proverbs 18:24") Wow! (becomes totally engrossed with sword)

Commander (Entering Stage): Recess is now over, children, now...(Stops, Noticing Chris' sword) Ah... I see you have a sword already. And do you know, Chris, Why we have these swords?


Chris: No, Sir.


Commander: Who can tell our new member Why we have these swords?

James: Sir!

Commander: Go ahead, James.

James: (Draws sword marked with "Psalm 119:11") "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."

Commander: Very good, Sir. Class - Fall In!, Sound Off!

All: (Sing chorus, 1st verse, & chorus of "Sound the Battlecry", with choreographed sword drills, 1st verse & chorus of "Battle Hymn of the Republic", 1st verse of "Stand Up for Jesus", and 1st verse & chorus of "Onward Christian Soldier". At end all freeze, Commander faces audience)

Commander: This concludes our presentation of "Bring your Swords to Recess." (All bow for applause)

(faces children) Class - Dismissed!

All: (Exit Stage)

The End.


(C) Copyright 2007 Daniel Stanfield with all rights reserved. This document may be distributed freely, but may not be sold or modified.