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Daniel Stanfield


My name is Daniel Stanfield. I am both the primary author and the webmaster for BibleSanity.org, located near Dallas, Texas. I would describe myself as a life-long Christian worker and a careful expository Bible teacher.

Who is 'We'? I say 'We' in the Statement of Faith and a few other places. That detailed Statement of Faith (excluding the Summary) is used with permission from my Bible College. It represents commonly held beliefs of the schools and churches with whom I associate. Other uses of 'We' are in other documents from other particular bodies, such as the "The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy," which was written by consensus by a number of authors. Since this website is not affiliated with any organization, any uses of 'We' must be provided by context.

My wife and family - I've been married to my wife, Zina, since 1986. Zina is the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister, studied with me at Tyndale (see below), and has always been active in the ministry, especially in children and youth ministries. We've raised 4 of our own children, and now enjoy being grandparents.

My Church memberships have been with Baptist churches or Non-denominational Bible churches. I am conservative, evangelical, non-charismatic, and non-ecumenical. I am currently a member of Countryside Baptist in Mansfield, TX.

My Personal Faith - I was raised in an independent Baptist church and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior during the summer between 9th and 10th grade. At the tail-end of my Senior year of high school, I fully committed to serve God. I was then baptized, surrendering to His call to the ministry in the following months.

By Profession, I am a technical writer and corporate trainer. My vocational background includes electronics and programming. I'm also a US Marine and a lifetime chess player. My personality and background are reflected in my Bible study - I tend to be very analytical, application-based, and take Scripture very seriously!

My Bible education

  • Self-Educated - I am largely self-taught, having no opportunity for Bible College early in life. My first three years after high school were spent fully immersed in Bible study. My professors were my home pastor, my Navy chaplains, my Scofield Bible, and many authors such as Charles Spurgeon, J. Vernon McGee, Henry C. Thiessen, James Dobson, and Josh McDowell.

    Although I did eventually receive some formal Bible College, I still consider myself primarily self-educated, as I have studied and taught Scriptures in-depth throughout my adult life.

  • Bible College - My formal Bible education consists of a 3-year diploma in Advanced Biblical Studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute, which I obtained in 1999.

    Tyndale emphasises original language and careful, investigational Bible study. While not formally associated with Dallas Theological Seminary, Liberty University, or Moody Bible Institute, those are doctrinally comparable schools which have been represented by textbook authorships and cooperative fellowships/conferences/seminars during my time at Tyndale.

  • Seminary Church - Besides attending Tyndale, my family and I were members of the school's parent church for seven years, under Dr. Mal Couch. That's seven years of seminary-level expository and systematic teaching for both morning and evening services, from many great Bible teachers. During this period, I also attended several seminars, workshops and intensives - some of which were nothing short of extraordinary.

My Ministerial background

  • Over 30 years of continuous Bible teaching

  • 7 years as a licensed Baptist minister, 1 year as an Elder/Overseer

  • Over 10 years serving as a deacon at various churches

  • Over 5 years of Youth Minstry, several years experience with youth and young adults

  • Experienced with Child Evangelism Fellowship, Royal Ambassadors, and (especially) AWANA

  • Held weekly services at 3 separate Nursing Homes for a combined total of about 5 years

  • No full-time or paid ministry, no pastoral roles

Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions!

In Christ,

Daniel J. Stanfield