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BibleSanity.org is dedicated to Making Sense of Scripture!

 * About the Author / Webmaster

Meet Daniel Stanfield, the Bible teacher (and web developer) responsible for this site. Includes my religious background, Bible education, and ministerial experience.

 * Bible Sanity - What's in a Name?

The Bible has been subjected to all sorts of crazy interpretations due to ignorance or religious bias, as well as being perpetually attacked and distorted by antagonistic unbelievers.

Bible Sanity is here to clarify Scriptures and to promote natural (normal-reading) interpretation, using a context of inerrancy. Read more at the link above.

 * Statement of Faith

I am conservative, evangelical, non-charismatic, non-ecumenical Christian of Baptist/Bible Church background. The link above spells out my beliefs, both in summary, stating Core Doctrines, and in detail, as written by my Bible College.

 * Legal Notices

The legal copy includes various topical statement including contact information, and copyright information.

 * Weekly Online Meetings

Information about Online Bible Study meetings, this page also has outlines and handouts for the current Bible Study.