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Part One: Weekly Lesson Outlines

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Part Two: Topical Notes and Articles


    * Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer - Founder of Dallas Theological Seminary and theology author

    Lewis Sperry Chafer (1843-1921) is undoubtedly best known today as the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, and as author for his classic 8 volume theology set, “Systematic Theology”.

    * Dr. C. I. Scofield - Author of the Scofield Study Bible

    Dr Cyrus Ingerson Scofield (1843-1921) is undoubtedly best known today for the Scofield Reference Bible, but was instrumental in the promotion of premillennial dispensational doctrine across denominational lines. His explanations of Scripture in his study Bible are clear and systematic, effectively presenting his views.

Books of the Bible

Children's Productions

    * Bring Your Swords to Recess - A Musical Production for children, by Dan Stanfield.

    For 3rd - 6th Graders: This is a learning play. The purpose of the play is for the children to learn all the books of the Bible, two memory verses (theirs and their "understudy"), and several songs. The play also demonstrates the principle of applying Scripture in daily life.

    * The Mystery at the Nativity - A Christmas Production with puppets for children and youth.
     Written by Dan and Christine Stanfield.

    We wanted a Christmas play involving all age groups - toddler thru high school, that used puppets, that used classical Christmas music, had audience participation, and gave the audience something to think about - you know, we made it happen! This is a really fun play, for both the kids and the audience! The "Mystery" solved is the conflict between Jesus as King and Jesus as the Lamb of God.

General Topics

    * Tough Love - Halloween and the Modern Church - A call for Christian Separation

    And He said unto them, "Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition." (Mark 7:9, KJV)

    * Notes on Baptism - Written on the occasion of my baptism of my son, John.

    Water baptism is a testimony of our faith in Jesus Christ, identifying ourselves with His death, burial, and resurrection, and is a scriptural requirement for membership with the local church.

    * Notes on the Apostles - The Apostles of Jesus Christ, and a few other guys...

    A table with notes showing their (often multiple) names, books of the Bible written, missionary fields, and Fox's account of their deaths.