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Philip Schaff's Chronological Table of the Apostolic Age from his "History of the Chistian Church"
A.D. Scripture History Events In Palestine Events in the Roman Empire †††
6 Birth of Christ Death of Herod I. or the Great (a.u. 750, or b.c. 4). Archelaus in Judaea, Samaria, and Idumea; Herod Antipas in Galilee and Peraea, and Philip in Auranitis, Trachonitis, Paneas, and Batanaea. Archelaus deposed, and Judaea made a Roman province Augustus Emperor of Rome, b.c. 27-a.d. 14. †††
9 His visit to the Temple at twelve years of age Cyrenius (Quirinius), Governor of Syria (for the second time). The registration, or, ďtaxing.Ē Act_5:37. Revolt of ďJudas of Galilee.Ē Coponius Procurator of Judaea. Marcus Ambivius Procurator   †††
12     Tiberius colleague of Augustus †††
13   Annius Rufus Procurator (about)   †††
14   Valerius Gratus Procurator Augustus dies. Tiberius sole emperor (14-37) †††
26   Pontius Pilate Procurator from a.d. 26   †††
  Christís Baptism. Caiaphas high priest from a.d. 26   †††
  His three yearsí ministry.     †††
36 His Crucifixion, Resurrection (April), and Ascension (May). Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost Birthday of the Church (May). Acts, Act_2:1-47. Marcellus Procurator Pilate sent to Rome by the Prefect of Syria   †††
37 Martyrdom of Stephen. Act_7:1-60. Maryllus appointed Hipparch Caligula Emperor (37-41) †††
37 Peter and John in Samaria. Act_8:1-40. Herod Agrippa I King of Judea and Samaria   †††
  Conversion of Saul . Act_9:1-43, comp. 22 and 26, and Gal_1:16; 1Co_15:8.     †††
41 Saulís escape from Damascus, and first visit to Jerusalem (after his conversion). Gal_1:18. Admission of Cornelius into the Church. Act_10:1-48 and Act_11:1-30.   Philo at Rome Claudius Emperor (41-54) †††
  Persecution of the Church in Jerusalem. James the Elder, the son of Zebedee, beheaded. Peter imprisoned and delivered. He leaves Palestine. Act_12:2-23. Herod Agrippa I dies at Caesarea   †††
  Paulís second visit to Jerusalem, with alms from the church at Antioch. Act_11:30   Conquest of Britain, 43-51 †††
  Paul is set apart as an apostle. Act_13:2. Cuspius Fadus Procurator of Judea   †††
46   Tiberius Alexander Procurator   †††
47   Ventidius Cumanus Procurator   †††
  Paulís first missionary journey with Barnabas and Mark, Cyprus, Pisidia, Lystra, Derbe. Return to Antioch. Act_13:1-52 and Act_14:1-28.     †††
  The Epistle of James (variously dated from 44 to (62).     †††
  The apostolic council of Jerusalem. Conflict between Jewish and Gentile Christianity. Paulís third visit to Jerusalem with Barnabas find Titus. Peaceful adjustment of the question of circumcision. Act_15:1-41 and Gal_2:1-10.     †††
  Temporary collision with Peter and Barnabas at Antioch. Gal_2:11-14.     †††
51 Paul sets out on his second missionary journey from Antioch to Asia Minor (Cilicia, Lycaonia, Galatia, Troas) and Greece (Philippi, Thessalonica, Beraea, Athens, Corinth). The Christianization of Europe. Act_15:36 to Act_18:22 Antonius Felix Procurator   †††
52 Paul at Corinth a year and a half. Writes First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians from Corinth. The Tetrarchy of Trachonitis given to Herod Agrippa II (the last of the Herodian family) Decree of Claudius banishing Jews from Rome †††
54 55 Paulís, fourth visit to Jerusalem (spring). Short stay at Antioch. Enters (autumn, 54) on his third missionary journey, occupying about four years. Paul at Ephesus, 54 to 57. Act_19:1-41). Revolt of the Sicarii, headed by an Egyptian (Act_21:38) Nero Emperor †††
  Paul writes to the Galatians (?) from Ephesus or from some part of Greece on his journey to Corinth (57). Act_20:1-38.     †††
  Paul writes First Epistle to the Corinthians from Ephesus; starts for Macedonia and writes Second Epistle to the Corinthians from Macedonia.     †††
  Epistle to the Romans from Corinth, where he spent three months. He visits (the fifth time) Jerusalem; is apprehended, brought before Felix, and imprisoned at Caesarea for two years. Acts, Act_21:17 to Act_26:32.     †††
60 Paul appears before Festus, appeals to Caesar, is sent to Italy (in autumn). Shipwreck at Malta. Act_27:1-44 and Act_28:1-31. Porcius Festus Procurator   †††
61 Arrives a prisoner at Rome (in spring). Embassy from Jerusalem to Rome rspecting the wall. War with Boadicea in Britain †††
  Paul writes to the Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, from his prison in Rome.   Apollonius of Tyana at the Olympic games †††
62 Martyrdom of James, the Lordís brother, at Jerusalem (according to Josephus, or 69 according to Hegesippus).   Josephus at Rome †††
  Paul is supposed to have been released. Act_28:30 Albinus Procurator   †††
  Epistle to the Hebrews, written from Italy after the release of Timothy (Heb_13:23).     †††
  First Epistle of Peter. Epistle of Jude (?). Second Epistle of Peter Gessius Florus Procurator Great fire at Rome (in July); first imperial persecution of the Christians (martyrdom of Peter and Paul) †††
65 The Synoptical Gospels and Acts Beginning of the great war between the Romans and the Jews Seneca and Lucan put to death by Nero †††
  Paul visits Crete and Macedonia, and writes First Epistle to Timothy, and Epistle to Titus (?). Paul writes Second Epistle to Timothy (?) Vespasian General in Palestine   †††
  Paulís and Peterís martyrdom in Rome (?).     †††
68 The Revelation of John   Galba Emperor †††
69     Otho and Vitellius Emperor †††
69     Vespasian Emperor †††
70   Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus   †††
76   (Josephus released) Coliseum begun †††
79     Destruction of Pompeii and Heraculaneum †††
79     Titus Emperor †††
91 John writes his Gospel and Epistles (?).   Domitian Emperor †††
95 96 John writes the Revelation   Persecution of Christians Nerva Emperor †††
97     Death of Apollonius †††
98 Death of John.   Trajan Emperor

"Chronological Table of the Apostolic Age" from "The History of the Christian Church" by Pilip Schaff. Table format has been modified for (Year column moved to left, colors added).